Narelle was awesome. She had us spellbound for about 40 minutes, and I can honestly say most of us would have happily stayed on for another two or three hours. Not only is her topic interesting, it is riveting. She delivers it with humour and passion, and it stirs up many emotions. I left feeling good, and a little humbled. Humbled by the kind of life she was willing to put herself through for 27 years to protect me and my family. But also humbled by the dignity of the human spirit, which shone through brightly in her.

Moshe Goldberg, Victorian State Manager, NPAWorldwide Presentation 1/11/2017

At the end of Narelle’s presentation I noticed no one moved, it was like watching a great movie where you stay to read the credits.

Alan Darbyshire, Chief Executive Officer, Rochester Business Network

Everyone in that room would have come away with a “take-home” message about being so passionate about our jobs that we may neglect our own personal well-being. A very strong and worthwhile message. Narelle’s address was a remarkable, frank and very genuine account of how work stress can impact on our lives if it goes unrecognised

Carol McCooke & June Andrew, Napier Funerals

My rural 35km drive home from work each afternoon has never been so captivating as Narelle’s interview on ABC Statewide Drive last week. Travelling alone, I felt as if Narelle was sitting beside me and unleashing such a build-up of emotions – both pleasantly eventful and also traumatic. In fact terrifying at times. Recently I was reminded that in one’s life there would be about four people who make a significant and lasting impression – I reckon Narelle has eclipsed that scale. All I can say is the Force was truly blessed to have had her serve so professionally

Geoff Penna, Hansen Printing

Narelle had me at “Imagine you’re in the boot of a car with a dead body” and I sat on the edge of my seat for the rest of her presentation. What an amazing, exciting but testing career Narelle had with the Victorian Police Force. I can honestly say I was disappointed when she finished. You think you’ve had a bad day? Wait until you hear what Narelle got up to!

Tracie Kyne, Manager, Bendigo Bank Northern Region

I have had the pleasure of hearing Narelle speak on two occasions now. Narelle’s 27 years in the police force has provided her with an enormous amount of material to draw from. She takes you on an emotion packed roller-coaster ride, recounting just a few of the events that occurred throughout her long career; some confronting and so bizarre you’ll shake your head in disbelief. Narelle is a born story-teller with a strong and relevant message to share; a message from which we should all take heed.

Tracey Hammond, Human Resources Manager, Scalzo Food Industries

Narelle Fraser is a highly engaging and fascinating speaker. One minute she has you wiping away tears from stories about the incredible cases she dealt with The next minute you are crying with laughter from one of her hilarious tales from her 27 years in the force. The entire room was still and everyone was captivated by Narelle – her heart and charming personality shine through.

Sarah Lawrence, Bendigo Young Professionals Network Conference, Rifle Hotel, Bendigo

When I first heard Narelle speak, I was amazed at how her personality oozed throughout her delivery. From being downright funny right through to her raw personal experiences, Narelle’s presentations have held me from the start. Her vulnerabilities as a woman during 25 years investigating some of the most challenging cases, have been both her greatest asset and also her achille’s heal. Narelle will make you laugh and make you cry, and you will walk away amazed with her very personal story. I highly recommend you have a listen.

Ray Foster, Director, Investigator Upgrade

We thoroughly enjoyed having Narelle present at a Business in Heels event. She is very authentic and a “natural” speaker. All were thoroughly entertained, often in fits of laughter as Narelle shared some of her real life stories. Underlying her entire presentation was an inspirational message that you can overcome the challenges life throws at you and succeed. This really resonated with her audience.
Thank you!

Lisa Sweeney, Executive Director, Business in Heels

Luckily for us, Narelle has an amazing wit that had us going from shock/horror, to laughter in the blink of an eye. She is honest to know when “enough is enough” and to be able to use her experiences in a positive way with her dynamic and invaluable presentation. Thank you Narelle

Graham and Carol Ebert, Wantirna

Narelle’s talk was many things, entertaining, informative, graphic and at times very funny. I have never had so many positive comments about a conference speaker. If you are looking for a quality presenter to thoroughly enthral and capture the audience, look no further than Narelle

Glenda Nichol, Nichol Trading

Narelle’s use of light hearted moments together with very serious matters proved a point how life can be a challenge. The feedback from the attendees at the dinner has been full of praise as she was a highlight of the convention.

Rod Bowles, Executive Officer, Victorian Agricultural Shows Ltd

Narelle’s interview on the ABC was incredible – I sat in my car for 10 minutes engrossed – and wow about that goanna!

Sarah Lawrence, Journalist, Bendigo

I had some unprecedented feedback from many of our members. They said it was the best presentation we had EVER had at our club and it has been going some 25 years or more. Your presentation style is friendly, thought provoking, direct, clear, engaging and shows understanding and empathy appropriate to your subject matter.

Trevor Bravo

Narelle’s 22 years in the force and the depth of understanding was like nothing else. Narelle’s ability to present a subject so close to home, in such an interesting and somewhat humorous way produced one of the most memorable luncheons we have had.

Vlasta Errikson, Cairns Business Womans Club